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The SHARE conference in San Antonio February 28 - March 4, 2016 offers many new and exciting tracks: #DevOPS, #Mobile and #SocialMedia, and #Linux on z just to name a few. And, there's a new Smartphone app that makes it all easy to manage. Links to the official @SHAREhq Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts are right up front. Touch the San Antonio 16 icon and see everything happening at a glance. Use the hashtags above when referencing the conference on social media, and include the @SHAREhq to get on their feed. Screen shots here are from my Android phone.

SHARE in San Antonio, TX had a lot of great sessions, but there was also something going on at the Chicago-Soft® booth in the Tech Expo. The QuickRef® folks were giving their visitors a look at CSL's new websites: TSOTIMES.COM and QWACADEMY.COM. These websites share a common theme and although the new TSO Times was launced last December, the QW Academy has only been introduced to a few users up until now.


If you are a QuickRef® user you need to check out the QuickRef® Academy website.


Here's the scoop on accessing and using this exciting new site:

By Jim Moore

Many times, individual TSO/ISPF users might have a need to know certain specific values related to either the system they are running on or their own TSO session. Additionally, internal ISPF settings, tables and defaults might need to be examined.

by Chuck Davis

MVS/QuickRef® has numerous "gems" of information, which it provides to you in a single keystroke. However, sometimes finding those gems can be a problem. If your shop is like most z/OS shops, there are several QuickRef® items that are used frequently. This article describes a method of making those frequently used items easier to locate.

by Robert Norris

[Editor's Note:] Like all good commercial ISPF software, MVS/QuickRef® can also be run in batch. And not in the TSO-in-batch mode where PGM=IKJEFT01 (or one of its entry points) is needed. No, you use PGM=QWIKREF1. Consider this informative article by one of the developers of MVS/QuickRef® to see if you can use this feature.