TSO Times is a publication of Chicago-Soft®, LTD. Chicago-Soft®, LTD has been a respected member of the mainframe vendor software community since 1983. TSO Times is our way of communicating with both our customers and the larger TSO/ISPF community. Our intent is to educate and enlighten all readers in an entertaining and easy-to-follow manner.

Many thousands of programmers, administrators and end-users spend a large part of their work day using the TSO/ISPF environment. As one of the most stable software development environments in the world, it is the place where much of the world's mainframe business software gets written.

Our goal is to explore TSO/ISPF in depth, from many different perspectives. Our tips, articles and narratives will always be aimed at increasing the reader's knowledge in one of the following five areas:

  • History
  • Programming
  • Usability
  • Productivity
  • Latest Developments

We will strive for continuity between past and present, young and old, and simple versus complex. It has been said that "Knowledge is Power" and we agree with this statement 100%. In fact, that statement pretty well sums up our mission.

The more you know about TSO/ISPF, the more power you will have. Chicago-Soft®, LTD, by way of TSO Times, wants to make every reader a power user.

TSO/ISPF can be a complex and daunting place to work, especially for beginners. But even experienced users can benefit from the wealth of material that we provide.

Chicago-Soft®, LTD welcomes you. Enjoy.

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